Percol Plastic Free Ground Coffee
Percol Plastic Free Ground Coffee
Percol Plastic Free Ground Coffee

Percol Plastic Free Ground Coffee

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Percol Fairtrade Organic ground coffee – A delicious plastic-free range of coffees with a range of different blends from intensely rich to smooth decaf. Home compostable packaging. (200g) 0% VAT


Fairtrade ground coffee made from organic coffee beans that have been handpicked and freshly roasted in the UK. Every bag is plastic-free and fully home compostable.

  • Plastic free
  • Organic ground coffee
  • 100% Fairtrade
  • Freshly roasted in the UK
  • Picked by hand
  • Fully home compostable packaging

Percol Fairtrade Organic Rich Americano ground coffee plastic free

Rich, strength 4 ground coffee from Central and South America with warm notes of milk chocolate and walnut for a heavenly and delicious coffee to get you up and ready for the day. 

Percol Fairtrade Delicious Decaf ground coffee plastic free

A strength 3 decaffeinated coffee made from South American Arabica beans with a smooth and malty taste for a delightful coffee without the caffeine.

Percol Fairtrade Organic Intense Espresso ground coffee plastic free

A smoky and darker blend of Central American and Indian espresso beans with notes of dark chocolate for an energizing and rich brew that is strength 6.

Percol Fairtrade Organic Bold Peruvian ground coffee plastic free

Plastic free 100% A bold Arabica bean coffee using beans from Peru that is strength 5 with punchy and delicious notes of pecan to give you that extra kick out of your morning, afternoon, or evening.

Percol Fairtrade Organic Smooth Colombian ground coffee plastic free

A Colombian Arabica bean, strength 3 coffee with a balanced and rich taste that has notes of berries for a smooth and mouth-watering brew.

Percol Fairtrade Organic Vibrant Guatemalan ground coffee plastic free

A vibrant and smooth coffee with notes of dark chocolate and caramel that is strength 4 and uses Arabica beans from Guatemala that gives a coffee bursting with flavour.

Directions: For use in a cafetière or French press: Use 2 tablespoons per cup. Add water just off the boil, stir, then brew for 4 minutes. Plunge, pour and enjoy.

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