Percol Fairtrade Plastic Free Ground Coffee Bags

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Percol Fairtrade Ground Coffee Bags – 10 Coffee bags for an brew without the fuss that sacrifices none of the quality. Freshly roasted in the UK. Plastic-free and home compostable packaging. (80g) 0% VAT


A plastic-free pack of coffee bags, enjoy a cup of proper ground coffee without the fuss! These bags are packed in plant-based home compostable packaging and the ground beans are Fairtrade.

  • Plastic free
  • 100% Fairtrade
  • Freshly roasted in the UK
  • Picked by hand
  • Fully home compostable packaging
  • Coffee is strength 3 

Smooth Colombian Arabica bean coffee packed in mini bags. Ten bags in every pack of handpicked beans which are Fairtrade. The coffee is strength 3 and has a bright and warm taste with nutty notes to give the day an extra kick of flavour. Every bag is made to be as eco-friendly as possible so the packaging is made from plant-based materials which is home composted after use.

Directions: Add freshly boiled water to the coffee bag and stir. Leave to brew for 3-4 minutes, squeeze and remove. Compost after use. 

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