Percol Freeze Dried Instant Coffee

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Discover the exquisite and silky notes of Percol's Freeze-Dried Colombian Fairtrade Coffee, offering a guilt-free and ethically sourced delight for your morning ritual.  There are 3 options to choose from , all crafted with care for both the planet and your taste buds, this vegan-friendly instant coffee requires just hot water to unleash its rich flavors.

Percol's Freeze-Dried Fairtrade Coffee is an ethical way start to your day . Crafted from high-quality fairtrade vegan ingredients, the rich flavors in every cup make for a delightful and conscientious morning ritual. Choose the path of ethical indulgence and savor the goodness with Percol.

Highlighted Features:

• Certified Fairtrade

• Vegan Delight

• A CO2 Climate Neutral Company

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Comes in 3 options:

Colombian - Velvety Colombian Medium Coffee Profile: A harmonious trio of 3 Arabica beans

Americano - Bold Americano - a Grade 4 coffee and 100% Arabica beans

Decaf - a delightful choice for those seeking a caffeine-free option without compromising on flavour


Percol proudly holds the title of the first Fairtrade certified ground coffee, leading the way in embracing organic and single-origin beans. Their commitment extends over decades, supporting the dedicated farmers who cultivate our delectable coffee, fostering a legacy through generations. Can a cup of coffee make a difference in the world? The answer lies in our collective efforts. So go ahead, pour another cup of this exceptional brew.

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