Eden Reforestation Project

What is Eden Reforestation Projects, and how is ecoLiving involved?

Eden Restoration Projects work in several countries including Haiti, Mozambique, Nepal, Madagascar, and Indonesia to help to tackle the growing problem of deforestation.

The destruction of healthy forest systems happens for many reasons, but causes devastating long term effects. The WWF says that the most common pressures causing (...) severe forest degradation are agriculture [and] unsustainable forest management. Healthy forest systems not only provide homes for wildlife, but help to purify water sources and replenish the soil for farming.

When healthy forest systems fail, farming becomes difficult for communities, and their ability to support themselves diminishes. With the loss of healthy forests, the soil begins to degrade and therefore crop yield lessens.


How do Eden Reforestation Projects help communities?

Eden Reforestation Projects not only help to plant trees and support reforestation in communities which desperately need it, they also work to employ people in the local communities to plant and care for the trees and reforestation effort. Employing locals provides some financial security for families in need, and helps to ensure local families aren't left with no choice but to move into overpopulated cities in order to find work.

Through supporting the employment and economical safety of local communities, coupled with replenishing healthy forests, Eden Reforestation Projects are able to create long term and sustainable change.

As the environment begins to recover, animal habitats are restored, and the soil is replenished and quality improved, with the natural effect being that communities begin to thrive again. Farms are able to increase their yield, and employment and economical growth becomes more sustainable. Communities are able to provide for themselves and their families, and the risk of extreme poverty is significantly reduced.

How is ecoLiving involved in this?

At ecoLiving, we donate 1 tree to Eden Reforestation Projects with the sale of many products marked on site. Some of the items included in the tree planting scheme are;
  • Cotton buds
  • Toothbrushes
  • Straws
  • Toothpaste tablets
  • Organic Cloth Bags

Every order of one of these items not only plants a tree, but supports the continued employment of communities, their economical growth, ability to support themselves and their families, and helps the environment to thrive.

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