KOOSHOO Plastic Free Hair Ties
KOOSHOO Plastic Free Hair Ties
KOOSHOO Plastic Free Hair Ties
KOOSHOO Plastic Free Hair Ties
KOOSHOO Plastic Free Hair Ties

KOOSHOO Plastic Free Hair Ties

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Introducing Kooshoo's eco-friendly hair ties, crafted without a trace of plastic. Each set includes either 5 sustainable hair bands, meticulously crafted from premium organic cotton and natural rubber. Produced with ethics and responsibility in mind, these durable hair ties are built to last. Kooshoo proudly offers the world's only hair ties made from organic cotton and completely free of plastic.


Discover Kooshoo's revolutionary Plastic-Free Hair Ties, meticulously crafted from the finest organic cotton and natural rubber.

Ethically and responsibly made in sunny California, each pack contains 5 durable hair ties, ideal for thick hair, kids, athletes, and even doubling as wristbands.  These are not just any hair ties—they're the world's only organic cotton and plastic-free hair ties.

Choose from a variety of colours and enjoy the convenience of wearing them as wristbands when not in use. Plus, they're creaseless, non-pulling, and biodegradable, ensuring both your hair and the environment stay happy.

In addition to being one size fits all, 11% of profits from every purchase goes to a charity uplifting the less fortunate, adding purpose to your style. And to top it off, the packaging is plastic-free and printed on 100% recycled paper.

Material & Care:

Material: 75% Organic Cotton, 25% Natural Rubber Dye: Hand-dyed* using low-impact dye in a solar-powered dye house

Care: Wash cold with like colours; lay flat to dry

Kooshoo hair ties are designed in Vancouver, Canada, and ethically manufactured in Los Angeles, California. Founded by Jesse and Rachel, husband and wife yoga teachers from North Vancouver, Canada, Kooshoo is committed to creating a lifestyle brand that spreads goodness from the communities growing the textiles to the beautiful souls wearing the final products.

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